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We had over 100 viewers for the inaugural pilot session!
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August sessions: 2, 16, 30th   8pm (UK) 
& 北京时间晚8点, 中文版
Zoom link: Meeting ID:919 8221 6176 Download iCalendar (.ics):
This series is designed to give participants a wide view of all aspects of wine, from basic and practical knowledge that help with everyday situations when wine may be ordered, served and drunk, to more intellectual pursuits that delve into wine regions, grape varieties, winemaking and viticulture practices and wine culture. This course also uniquely caters for those who have specific interests in China and the Manadrin language.  The course is bilingual, and will present words, phrases and sentences catered for conversations around wine, though not limited to wine.  This should be of interest for Chinese language learners wishing to boost their conversational skills, not least in social and banqueting settings. It will also be useful for wine professionals who work with Chinese clients. Equally this course offers insights to Chinese speakers wishing to enhance their ability to talk about wine in English.

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